We offer various access control solutions. These solutions operate under Windows 95/98/NT and can be coupled with a Time and Attendance management software.

Our range:

- Door opening : single door opening
- Kelio Access : can manage up to 8 doors
- Dynatis : can manage up to 200 doors


Door Opening
Easy-to-use and efficient door control

In stand-alone mode, the reader offers the following characteristics :


- Single door opening
- Access control for 1000 persons maximum.
- A system functioning with magnetic badges (ISO 2 standard)
- A door remaining open from 0,5 to 7 seconds
- Outdoor and indoor use.
- Functioning temperature from –20°c to 70°c
- Reader dimensions : 34*34*89 mm
- Length of the provided cable : 3m
- CE stamp




Kelio Acces
Access control for SMEs

Kelio Access enables you to manage up to 8 doors. This system can be combined with time management system.

Kelio Access is made for access control in SMEs.

Functionalities :
- Up to 8 doors control : with open system and badge control…
- Access authorization control
- Anomalies control
- Correct or wrong access display
- Waterproof terminals with control and open push-button


This software enables you to manage from 1 to 250 persons.
Simple parameters setting up in graphic mode, which takes into account : access calendars, employees profile, authorized periods.

3 types of readers available :
- Proximity (badge without contact)
- Magnetic badge (ISO 2)
- Bar code (2/5, 39)



Centralized access control

Access rights control consists in being able to control WHO / WHERE / WHEN / HOW to get to the different areas of your company.



- WHO : access rights are defined according to persons grade or even according to individual

- WHERE : each access and each area can be authorized or refused

- WHEN : access can be limited to some periods of the day and to some days

- HOW : according to the security level wished, an access can be fit out with a badge reader, a keyboard for entering a personal code, an alarm…

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