Easy-to-use and powerful attendance and absence management systems for staff scheduling and working time recording.
These systems offer access control management.

Our comprehensive range offers computerized solutions tailored to your needs for :

- Time and attendance recording and management,
- Schedule programming,
- Payroll interfacing,
- Productivity time recording ,
- Access control.

Our systems are available for Windows 95/98/NT/Millenium/XP and 2000 Professional environment


User-friendly time management system

The BT 50 is an attendance time recorder for up to 100 employees connected to a PC.

In and out clockings are recorded on the terminal thanks to the swiping of a magnetic badge into the reader slot.

Parameters setting up and exploitation of results are carried out by the way of the BT50 software on a PC.

Employees movements and scheduling are saved on a protected memory.



Time management for SME, SMI and Public Services

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Kelio : A time management system adapted to suit your flexible working hours.

In a graphic and friendly environment, Kelio enables you to manage :
- Those absent and present
- The flexible working time and annualised hours calculation
- Daily and weekly overtime calculations
- Regular, rotating working schedules
- Staff scheduling
- Hardcopy printouts are available for the exploitation of the results

Kelio : an offer for SMEs and Public Services from 25 to 500 people.




An expert for your time management



Efficiency and simplicity

Equatis is a multi-user product. Its Client/Server network version enables you to manage :

- Working laws governing the organisation of your company (flexible working time, European Working Time Direction, annualised hours..)
- Absenteeism
- Anomalies
- Time data entry by the way of a terminal or via intranet

Equatis is made for companies and Public Services from 250 to 5000 people

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