The electronic displays are the perfect tool for visual communication indoors as well as outdoors.

They are the most effective way to catch the attention of your public since they are specially designed to satisfy the requirements of companies, services and stores.

They are the suitable solution for direct advertising and transmission of animated messages.

The high brightness with a digits height of 3 to 20 cm and the wide range of display lengths permit a legibility of up to 275 m.

The powerful resident software allows the displays to reproduce animations, graphics and effects with different letter types and widths.

The messages can be displayed in many differents ways and in an intermittent manner.

The messages to be emitted can be programmed with infra-red remote control, control keyboard or with PC.


  • Single colour or multicolour information displays.

  • With a simple PC, the message and its colour can be selected, and then it goes through real-time transmission to the display.
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