have been focused on the development of technology and design of electronic systems, called Voltronic Systems®, for:
  • The control of the turning and swinging of bells for churches.  
  • Relay for activating electro-magnetic strikers.
  • Organ bulding (Slider action solenoid, Rectified Power Supplies).
  • The operation of electromagnetic hammers (Relay in kit of two channels).
  • Panel codifier sensor: Slot with two digital outputs with a difference of phase of 180 degrees which can be used to produce speed and direction data.

      As well as these systems, we represent and trade in a series of products, such as:

  • Time Management and Acces control.
  • Clock systems and electronic displays.
  • Tower clocks and urban clocks.
  • Bells, yokes, electromagnetic hammers and pulleys.
  • Electronic Products for Automatization.
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