The control of production has been developed to obtain a real-time knowledge of the production, ensuring the accuracy of the information, and allowing to see separately or all together the data referred to productivity.

This system enables the staff of a section or production line to know in a determined moment the different productivity parameters.

In short, integrating all the productive units and exploiting the available information, a substantial improvement in operativity and productivity is obtained.

Capture of the information

Through the Digital Inputs Detector, the information is received from sonars of any kind: programmed PLCs, sensors, or other data capture items.

Data processing and transmission

The information received from the DEDs is processed by a computer of the kind PC by means of our software of Information Control and Displays Management. Its function is to process the received information, and, according to the predetermined parameters, to emit the messages or notices so that they can be seen in the suitable way, moment and place. The software includes a data base in which all it is filed all the information required to proceed to later analyses and generate the necessary reports.


Once the information from the production lines is collected these are real-time seen in one or several LED displays.

The displays

They are the most important and visual element in the installation, since all which is happening at that moment in the production line is reflected in them.

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