The Voltronic Systemâ designed for the turning and swinging of bells, performs the stabilized control of the bell at every moment.


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Voltronic® is outstanding for the following skills:

  • Inversion of the turning sense of the bell. 
  • Automatic readjustment of the turning speed of the bell, in the case of break of current.
  • Totally electronic equipment of control and power.
  • Control of the number of turns of the bell in a direction or the other.
  • Change of turning speed of the bell.
  • Unalterable program in case of break of current or atmospheric phenomena.

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Places where the Voltronic® Systems can be found:

S.I. Cathedral (Punta Arenas-CHILE)
S. J. Evangelist Parish(Guaynabo-PORTO RICO)
Saint Paul Parish (Morovis-PORTO RICO)
P.P. Dominicans (Seúl-KOREA)
Lurin (PERU)

Almudena Cathedral (MADRID-SPAIN)
Cathedral (Logroño-LA RIOJA-SPAIN)
Monastery (La Santa Espina-VALLADOLID-SPAIN)
Santiago el Mayor Parish (TOLEDO-SPAIN)
Santa Brígida y Tenoya (GRAN CANARIA-SPAIN)
Beato José Mª Escrivá Church (Barbastro-HUESCA-SPAIN)
Ntra. Sra. de la O Parish (Chipiona-CADIZ-SPAIN)

They are present as well in almost every province of Spain.

Technical features:
Input: 220VAC single-phase - output: 220V AC three-phase
Bell start by impulse inversion.
Motion flexible.
Change of the turning speed.
Inversion of the turning direction every certain number of turns.
Inbuilt brake that can be programmed.
Reduced diameter of the bell pulley.
The adjustments are performed during the motion of the bell.
It does not need three-phase current.
It does not include contacts, temporizers, or mechanical devices, inclined to have noises, wear and many failures.
Remote control from a distance over 200 m.
Control of internal service.
Electronic control of the turning direction through an electronic optical detector.
Control separate from motor.
Safety: In the case that for any reason the selective power was lost, when it returned the device synchronizes the speed with the inertia revolutions of the bell.
Voltronicâ observes the CE certificate and is registered trademake and name.
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